We provide high quality Data Collection and Data Labeling services of images, videos, text, and speech

Reshaping Data For Intelligence 

Why mCycloid?

We create smart data to make machines more intelligent

mCycloid is a one stop destination for all your AI needs . Better training data for machine learning is the key for better AI products. We offer data labeling for AI and better business analytics. We collect, annotate, evaluate and translate any type of data in any language. We assist you in evaluating the accuracy of your model at every stage, improve your model’s performance through human-assisted, real-time exception handling of edge cases.

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The Main Features

mCycloid comes with all that features which not only makes a way for your model to become better but also you to be a better explorer in the field of AI.

AI Data Labelling for text, images, video, and audio

Training, management and consulting

Annotation task design and distribution

Continuous quality control & analysis

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software


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In the data rich online world, presenting the information interactively to the user is a major challenge. In AI one of the important factors for a successful customer service is the dataset and its reach to customers. We provide humongous datasets of high quality within economical range.

Our Services

With Data Science spreading like wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, mCycloid’s fully managed solution is ever ready to help you out. 

Box Annotation
  • Outline Objects with box
  • Object Detection
  • Object Localization
  • Vehicle Damage Detection
Polygon Annotation
  • Irregular Shape Annotation
  • Precise Annotation
  • Logo Recognition
  • Autonomous Vehicles
Polyline Annotation
  • Deliniate Boundaries
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Robotics
  • Agriculture
Points Annotation
  • Quantifying Small Objects
  • Computer Vision
  • Facial Recognition
  • Identity Tracking
Auto Segmentation
  • Eases the Annotation
  • Precise Detection
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Aerial Models
  • Partitioning
  • Classification
  • Objectifying
  • Clustering

Meet Our Expert Team

We, at mCycloid, design and develop the programs by pushing the Artificial Intelligence boundaries, that can solve any complex issue. Our team coming from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds share a mutual passion for technology making mCycloid not just an Annotation services company.




Impressed with mCycloid’s ability to understand our requirements and quickly build a service support for the same. Thanks to their tools and workforce for satisfying us by the quality and turnaround time.

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Email: info@mcycloid.com, mudassir@mcycloid.com

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